Airtable.cool is a tool that gives you link previews and analytics for your existing Airtable shared view links

How to use:

  1. Take an existing Airtable share: https://airtable.com/shrXISgTxpgLU0SgP
  1. replace airtable.com with airtable.cool (only requires 3 keystrokes!)
  1. Go to the new link: https://airtable.cool/shrXISgTxpgLU0SgP
Take an existing Airtable share link and replace “.com” with “.cool”
Take an existing Airtable share link and replace “.com” with “.cool”


1. Previews in Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, iMessage contain the title and description

notion image
Facebook messenger:
notion image
notion image
For reference, the status quo on messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack, respectively:
notion image
notion image
notion image

2. Displays and tracks the number of views, and the view description

notion image
Links in the view description are also automatically rendered as a link!


make preview images last longer (currently they last 2 hours, but most messaging apps cache the image so it’s less relevant, except for slack)
make design better (feel free to submit feedback!)
add a /stats page for each share link so people can see more detail view statistics (if you want one for your current share link please email us- we can provide it ad-hoc to you!)
option to modify link previews
Feature requests from you! Submit feedback below


Is my data sent to Airtable.com or Airtable.cool ?

Airtable.cool is purely just a wrapper/user interface addition to Airtable.com shared views. We wrap the airtable.com form in an iframe so that previews and link tracking works, but all the data is hosted on Airtable. If you are hosting an airtable.com form, all the data submitted via that form is sent to Airtable.com
Airtable.cool does not support shared views with passwords. Please remember that Airtable.cool / Airtable shared views without passwords are not protected and should not be used to store sensitive or personal information

How do I contact you?

Contact airtable.cool@gmail.com for questions/feedback

What is Softr?

Softr is another extension on top of Airtable that allows you to build webportals easily. This project is unrelated to Softr- except that the creators of both are Airtable fans 🙂
We use the Softr restaurant template here since it is colorful, looks good, and has good sample data.
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